Mission Statement

“Heroes of Old”, 1936:

The present is adorned with the Jewels of the Past,

The future will prize them and hold to them fast;

The Past is ever present, enwrapped in man’s shadow,

Without it we are left with no Now, nor Tomorrow.

Roaring Lion


Roaring Lion Calypso Foundation (RLF) wants to research, collect and make available: songs, song texts and history about the Golden Age of Calypso (1934 – 1950). This period is characterized by the development of facilities like the “Calypso Tent”, professionalization of calypsonians, access to recording facilities and business sponsorship for local and international promotion of the art form.


RLF will endeavor to make our rich “Golden Age Calypso” history better known to the general population of Trinidad & Tobago.
RLF intends to use social media as a medium to exchange a multitude of perspectives on our Calypso and Carnival history.
RLF will use radio campaigns to highlight the “Golden Age of Calypso” nationally.  Roaring Lion left historical information about the era in both written and audio format, and this will be made available to the public in different formats.
RLF will seek to get “Golden Age Calypso History” into the syllabi of primary and secondary schools. RLF believes that many of the era’s calypsos have a literary, poetic, social and historical value for Trinidad and Tobago, and this should be studied by the nation’s youth. Educational authorities can easily compare, assess and identify calypsos of worth, and impart this knowledge onto our youth.
RLF will continue working with projects that enhance and promote our culture and country.