The Lord Invader

The story about Lord Invader and his Rum & Coca Cola Calypso !!

Unknown 09.37.05

The Calypso, Rum & Coca Cola is a landmark song in so many ways. The Andrew Sister’s sang ” a cover version of Invader’s  song which became an instant internationally hit in the mid 1940’s. It was the first song to sell one million records ever and reached nr. 1 on the Billboard Magazine in 1945. The Billboard Magazine was the forerunner to the Billboard Charts.

Litigation followed because Lord Invader was left out of the Copyrights or ownership equation and thus he took the so-called owners to court and won the equivalent of ca. TTD 1,8 millon in todays money. Yes I repeat 1,8 million-:) It was a “Landmark” copyrights infringement case. The attached link gives a detailed overview of what took place back then. (All copyrights are credited to the respective authors of the link below)

Rum & Coca Cola together with Roaring Lion’s “Ugly Woman” are perhaps the two Calypsos, which helped cement the Calypso genre into the psyche of American Pop Culture back in the 1940’s. “Ugly Women” was used in 1943 as a soundtrack in a famous Hollywood “Block Buster” movie called “Happy Go Lucky”. It was the first time that a Calypso was ever used in a movie and Sir Lancelot, a Trinidadian singer and actor performed the song in that  movie.

Rum & Coca Cola is considered to be one of the all time memorable songs of the last century in the USA, its right up there with Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”- this is no idle boast. You can do your own rescearch and confirm that -:)

Here is Lord Invader’s version:

The Andrew Sisters version:

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