The Roaring Lion Foundation

 The Roaring Lion Calypso Foundation 


Roaring Lion Calypso Foundation (RLF) was founded in 1998, but was formally registered as a foundation in 2000. RLF’s core objective is to endeavor to make the songs, singers and history of Golden Age of Calypso better known to the people of Trinidad & Tobago. Over the years, the Foundation has engaged in different kinds of cultural and community activities locally and internationally. RLF believes that by engaging youth in a constructive and empowering manner, will benefit the individual, the community, and by extension, the nation. Please take a look at our “Mission Statement”

Most of the Calypso history or information on this Blog is based on documents that Roaring Lion has left for posterity in both written and audio format. His material covers topics such as Calypso, Peer Calypsonians, Leggoes, Lavways, the evolution and development of the Tent, Steel Pan, Limbo, Kalinda and Carnival. Lion was a leading figure during the Golden Age of Calypso (1934-1950), and he was at the helm of its development during this perion. Therefore, his writings represent a hands-on perspective of the happenings, trends and significant people of the era.



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